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If engagement involved: (i) an article that you wrote or one written about your research (e.g. in The Conversation), (ii) interaction with an external organisation (e.g. the media, a museum, etc.), or (iii) significant pick-up of your research or an event involving our School on social media (e.g. on Twitter, etc.), provide details in the box below. Include date of engagement, name of any contact and whether a follow up is required. Then press submit at the bottom of the form.

If engagement involved an event that you presented at, please continue filling the form below.:


Description of Event/Activity:

Include gender ratio, age range & profile of attendees (e.g. general public, school children etc.)

Who else was involved from the School to help you?

Details of research disseminated:

Which paper(s) published by the School since 2014 did you refer to at the event as best reflecting the research topic you described? For REF purposes, the School is compiling a list of papers which engagers should choose; this list will be made available in due course.

To what extent did the activity make an impact on the attendees in the following areas:

  Not at all A little Not sure Some Greatly N/A

Increase their understanding of the research topic and its relevance?

Increase their general interest in Chemistry as a subject?

Increase their likelihood to read Chemistry at University?

Details of feedback sought at/after event that provides the evidence for the responses above. Examples might include feedback questionnaires or quotes from attendees.


Data Protection Statement - What we do with your data.

All data are held securely and will be treated confidentially. Data will be used as background research for a University of Birmingham review of our Outreach activities.